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Script to monitor Facebook Ads Change History in Google Sheets

Script to Monitor Facebook Ads Change History in Google Sheets

Managing Facebook Ads campaigns can be challenging, especially when it comes to keeping track of changes and optimizing performance across different accounts. Although many Google Sheets add-ons allow exporting Facebook Ads reports to Sheets, none of them seem to support retrieving Facebook Ads change history. That’s why I developed an App script that automatically checks…

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Google Analytics Measurement Protocol API

Sending Events via Google Analytics Measurement Protocol API

The rise in data protection and privacy regulations has created new challenges that have serious implications on the entire digital industry. Web browsers like Safari and Mozilla have released a range of updates, like Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP), that work against tracking technologies by blocking third-party cookies and applying restrictions on the first-party cookies as…

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Advanced Dynamic Remarketing Implementation via GTM

Have you ever wanted to set up dynamic remarketing tags, but your developers are super busy to implement the data layers? In this article, we will be using custom javascript codes to capture the dynamic remarketing attributes instead of populating new data layers to the website. The particular industry that we will cover here will be the Retail industry,…

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